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Craig Lancaster is a drummer and percussionist located in Newcastle Australia...

Craig met David Carter in the early 1980's, they formed the band Eden, with David Carter on bass, Craig Lancaster on drums and Mick Punch on guitar. The band did well and began adding original songs to their sets. Eden supported acts Matt Finish and The Beats on a regular basis. As local success began to grow... Eden split up.

In the mid eighties Craig played drums in several bands inluding: The Colours with Deborah Harrison, Michael Punch, Tony Heads, Dave Carter, Marc Collison and Ian Crawford. Craig was in Paintbox with Tony Heads, Michael Punch and Archie.

Special Branch was formed with Craig Lancaster, Mick Stove and David Carter. With a repertoire of songs from Queen, Fab, The Police and their original music, Special Branch created a popular following. After a short band break, Special Branch reformed as a four piece version by incorporating Paul Elliot on guitar into the mix. Before the end of Special Branch they renamed the band The Crush, Craig Lancaster was replaced with Ron Bult and The Crush played for a year including a weekly residency at Sydney’s infamous Springfield’s nightclub.

Throughout the nineties Craig played in numerous bands, including Django Wrango with members: Anne Orritt, Peter De Jong, Eddie Ryan, Greg Dawson, Jim Porteus and Peter Wholohan.

In the mid nineties Craig Lancaster joined Newcastle band Joshua Brave. Members of Joshua Brave included: Ian Sandercoe: vocals, Paul Flaherty: guitar, Don Ninness: bass, Brad Elliot: drums, Phil Archer replaced Brad Elliot and Craig Lancaster replaced Phil Archer on drums. Joshua Brave produced a cassette titled Slave to None and cd album I am Love

He played drums in the band Yiante. Members of Yiante included: Ian Sandercoe: vocals and guitar, Paul Elliot: guitar and vocals. Paul was replaced by Justin Ngariki Bolth and Craig Lancaster: drums Chris Lowe replaced Craig Lancaster and Chris Lowe was replaced by Mac Mclennan in August 1997. Robert Matthews: bass (was replaced by Dave Carter), Josh Callaway replaced Tony Heaney on keyboards.

The music made its way to London, and was used as pre-show music for Dein Perry's Tap Dogs.Craig Lancaster briefly returned to play drums with Ian Sandercoe and be filmed in a scene in  Dein Perry's Australian film Bootmen with David Carter, Paul Elliot and Ian Sandercoe . He left the lineup following the recording where Craig performed as himself in Ian Sandercoe's Pub Band. Two songs from the Earthday album appear in Bootmen titled Freebound and Preacher.

Yiante performed at: The Castle, Fanny's, Delany Hotel, The Cambridge Hotel, SJ's On Beaumont, Acoustic Cafe, Hunter Mission Sleepout, Hiroshima Day Newcastle Civic Park, Mattara 1995, Newcastle University, The Star Hotel, World Music Day 1997, Ethnic Community Festival Hamilton, Street Fest Newcastle Grand Final, Newcastle Workers Club, Casbah Hotel and Three Weeds Balmain, Bar Broadway, Shoal Bay Country Club and more. Yiante has performed with Deborah Conway, Jenny Morris, Tall Tales and True, Silverchair, Merril Bainbridge, Armi, Loving Helena, Silent Scream, Maree Hawker, Boom Crash Opera and Steve Gibson.

Craig plays in Gas which includes: David Carter and Paul Elliot. He plays drums and percussion in the Newcastle trio Sideburn with musicians Michael Punch and Dave Thompson. Craig drums for the Newcastle band DNA whose members include: Louise Haines, Roland Rok and Mick Punch.

Craig Lancaster has performed across Newcastle and The Hunter and contributed extensively to The Newcastle Music Industry.  Craig has an impressive list of recording work with local and national artists including: performing on a top 10 single for Def FX. He has done session work for film and television and has toured.  

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Photograph of Craig Lancaster by Kathy Fless